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Happy Ram Navami to all Dimers

Ram Navami Wishes and Blessings to you and your family. May the almighty Lord Rama bless you all with good things & perfect health, Happy Ram Navami.


On this holy occasion of Rama Navami, I am wishing that blessings of Shri Rama be with you. Your heart and home be filled with happiness, peace and prosperity. Happy Ram Navami. May the glimmer of diyas and the echo of the chants fill your life with happiness and contentment




Ram Navami is on April 21. Dedicated to Lord Ram, also known as Maryada Purusottama, Lord Ram or Lord Rama is revered for his prosperous and righteous reign during the Treta Yuga. Ram Navami festivities commemorate the birth of Lord Ram on the ninth day of Chaitra Navratri, which falls during the Shukla Paksha or the New Moon phase in the month of April. Lord Ram is considered to be an avatar or reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, who came down to earth to defeat the demon king Ravana

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Matsya Avatar, Kurma Avatar, Varaha Avatar, Narasimha Avatar, Vamana Avatar, Parshuram Avatar, Rama Avatar, Krishna Avatar, Buddha Avatar and Kalki Avatars are 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu according to Garuda Purana. And according to Bhagavata Purana there are 22 avatars, namely Adi Purush Avatar, The Four Kumaras (ChaturSana), Varaha Avatar (The incarnation as Boar), Sage Narada Avatar, Nara-Narayana (Twin Sages) Avatar, Kapila Avatar, Dattatreya Avatar, Yagya (Yajna) Avatar, Rishabh Avatar, Prithu Avatar, Matsya Avatar, Kurma Avatar, Dhanvantari Avatar, Mohini Avatar, Narasimha Avatar, Vaman Avatar, Parshu Rama Avatar, Vyas Deva (Vedvyas) Avatar, Shri Rama Avatar, Shri BalRama Avatar, Shri Krishna Avatar, Buddha Avatar, Kalki Avatar (Source: and

Today we celebrate birth of Lord Rama. In an earlier post I have already shared about saga of Jay-Vijay and their cursed state by The Four Kumaras So, in Tretaya Yuga (Lord Rama’s era), Jay and Vijay brothers took incarnations in demon form, King Ravana(Jay) and his brother Kumbhakarna(Vijay). We all know the story of Lord Rama, the rightful scion of the great Suryavansh.
The beauty of Avatars in Sanatana Mythology is almost all of them took form of mortals with the exception of Mahabali, Hanuman, Veda Vyasa, Narada, Aswathama etc Lord Rama is one of the mortal incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Well, despite of being the scion of Suryavansh, Lord Rama took intense hardships in life. See, how miserable his life has been. He grew up with his four brothers. He played with Manthara once. But Manthara poisoned Keikayi’s mind and Lord Rama had to go on a self exile with his newly married bride and brother. Because of past karma King Dasaratha (when King Dasaratha killed Shravana Kumar by mistake), he got cursed to face the pain of not being able to be with his favorite son i.e. Lord Ram in his old age. Manthara poisoned Kaikayi’s mind because Manthara was cursed by Lord Bramha. Goddess Saraswati sat in Manthara’s tongue, because Goddess Saraswati had to listen to the plight of King Indra and his fellow Gods. If King Ravan did not kidnap Maa Sita, he and his brother would not have fulfilled their prophecy.
So, see, everything was conspired against Lord Rama. There are two possibilities. Either Lord Rama knew everything or Lord Rama did not know anything. Maybe Lord Vishnu had proved his worth by his karma. If we take the latter possibility as we take, then see everything was so unfair to him. He took birth in a royal family. He was about to be crowned, but he had to leave his ailing old man back in home at hand of seemingly cruel step mom. He took his newly married wife and young brother with him. Back home Prince Bharata lived life of an ascetic and placed shoes of his brothers on the throne. The old father died in a very measurable way, and Lord Ram could not even participate in his father’s funeral. Then his young wife got kidnapped by King Ravana. Ravana n Kumbhakarna died in battle. Lord Rama returned to his place with his wife and brother. Situation did not get improved, Mata Sita had to give agni pariksha because of peasant complained, that too passively.
But, one thing is clear, despite all the hardship like a true king, Lord Ram executed all of his duties without breaking a sweat. He owned his faults and didn’t curse anyone. That’s the beauty of Lord Ram. He was a good son (he kept his father’s vow by going to self exile), good brother (he didn’t have any animosity), good husband (didn’t get carried away by lust when Mata Sita was kidnapped. He tracked down the person responsible and delivered brutal justice), good friend (Hanuman, Bibhisana, Sugriba, Jambaban are examples), good father (to Lava and Kusha) and more of a good king (even a peasant has to be satisfied). Same thing can be said to the other characters, but we will discuss about them later.

We celebrate the entire Chaitra Navami by celebrating Goddess Shakti and reading Ramayana (Ramayana Parayanam). Ramayana gets enacted by actors and actresses (in earlier days boys played role of Goddesses and other women characters. 🐒🐒🐒)

is a part of such tradition.

Jai Siya Ram guys. Because without Mata Sita, Ram is not complete. Jay Hanuman. 🙂 🙏

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Happy Ram Navami
శ్రీరామ నవమి శుభాకాంక్షలు


siyapati ramchandra ki jai pawansut hanuman ki jai
Happy ram navami to all dimers


Happy Ram Navami.

#राम से बड़ा राम का नाम :- शब्द महत्वपूर्ण है ध्वनि नहीं ! आती जाती खामोश साँसों से राम राम करिये ! इतना ही करना शुरू कर दीजिये नवमी से, सब संकट पार !!!
#श्रीरामनवमी की शुभकामनाएं !!!


Happy Ram Navami bro, and everybody

THANKS for adding Ram Ji , in deal wiki pray

thanks for creating thread smile otherwise i was gonna to create it stuck_out_tongue


Happiiee Ram Navami to everyone.

Jai Shree Ram pray pray


శ్రీ రామ రామేతి రమే రామే మనోరమే..
సహస్రనామ తత్తుల్యం రామనామ వరాననే!’
- అందరికి శ్రీరామ నవమి శుభాకాంక్షలు


Happy Shree Ram Navami to all Dimers pray


Happy Ram Navami to everyone.

God Ram is 7th avatar of Lord Vishnu. @bikidas2060 i am sure you will add up more.


Happy Ram Navami to all.. ! 🎈
I wish everyone’s life to become peaceful and sweeter 🍫🍰
Stay Safe !


जय सिद्धिदात्री मां 🙏🙏

Happy Ram Navmi to all !


Happy Ram Navami to all!  innocent

7 Gopanna (కంచెర్ల గోపన్న) popularly known as Bhadrachala Ramadasu (భద్రాచల రామదాసు), (c. 1620- 80) wrote the kriti “Charanamule nammiti” (rāga Kāpi) in which he expresses his absolute faith in the divine lotus feet of Rāma.