Has anyone availed ADDON debit card


i heard like addon credit card for family , addon debit card also exist , if yes what were the charges

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Yes addon debit card is available for a special account you might have already heard, Joint account

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I know its not there for debit card

DeciDeaim But For a second i really thought there was addon card on starting to read your comment, but as soon as i reached near the end toungueout it was explosion xD

demerius2020 There is no concept of debit card as addon card:) whats the use? you are looking with the so called "non existing ADDON DEBIT CARD"? to wave off annual fees? 

if waving the fee is the goal then apply for HNI banking programme in any good banks most of these HNI accounts gives free debit card with 0 renewal fee (HNI account normally needs high transaction or 5lakhs minimum to be there in account) 

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can anyone tell me, if i open hdfc joint account and take 2 dc, will i get ?

i mean for 2 millennia dc, will i get 400+400 points or only one 400 ?

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