Has anyone invested in Suryoday SFB FDs

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The bank is giving good interest rates off late. I just wanna ask is there anyone from the community who has invested in the FDs provided by this bank? How was the experience and what are your suggestions, should I choose this or prefer other SFB. 

Thanks in advance.

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Upto 5 lakhs is backed by DICGC insurance

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exactly.. no worries upto 5L of all your money in that bank.. best is to go with 4.2L for 25months so that principal+interest will be close to 5L and in worst case scenario if the bank goes off you will get the amount in 60-90days time..

I have it in Jana bank where currently its 8.5% for 1yr (highest) and reason for going for it was it was near by home and has the website/mobile banking features all so that you can check everything online, was interested in Unity as it was the highest so far at 9% but they don't have internet banking site and mobile app banking is horrible itseems, gone for one that gives you the option to check/withdraw money easily..
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Invest in mutual fund rather. You will get double ROI than FD.

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