Has Jio reduced 4G speed drastically for anyone ?

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In UP(W) region ,where I live(rural) as of now Jio5G hasn't launched . But ,I can't get the speeds of Jio 4G much ,it's even slower than Vi :

Jio 1-1.2 mbps day (2-2.2mbps )

Vi : 3-3.5mbps(6-7mb at Night)

Vi's only problem I faced was it loads webpages after 2-3s more delay 

Even with 5G, jio was supposed to be unaffected due to Standalone Signals.But ,speeds are bad now.

Is the speed throttle intentional to force migrate to 5G? Though Airtel4G is faster and expensive than  both.

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No issues faced

Circle : Mumbai

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Same here bro, experiencing degradation in 4g speeds.

Though sometimes speedtest shows 30-40mbps but page opening takes hell lot of time.

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Check PM 😂

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Another problem in last 1 month is after mobile sleeps after screen off, internet does not come back always after screen ON. All website, telegram,  whatsapp keep showing connnecting....

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nope , speeds are same as usual , 

although i get messages u r eligible for 5g upgrade offer 

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Definitely it'll be throttled for sure one day maybe becz they r gonna use same fiber backend for 5g & 4g now

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@Baku32 use any free "dns changer" or use phone's inbuilt private dns feature to change to or Google dns. This is for VI slower page loads.

Jio will not logically throttle unless they have 5g ready in your area at the very least. Complain with customer care and you may get a temporary respite from throttling on 4g "maybe"

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yes jio speed sucks now a days a lot

 airtel speed is worse than jio

vi is better

do they want to push everyone to take jio fiber/airtel fibre?😝


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Bahut dusht hain saab ke saab. 

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Aur chala JIO 5g free me dene 😳😣

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