Has Millenia DC cashback reduced?


Last month i had bought apay gvs using smartbuy with Millenia DC worth 8k

Now i have received only 205 promotional cashback and 400 loyalty points.

It should have been 400 in both kind of points 

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Last month cb will be received after 3 month

This cb is for Jan txn 

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How to check reward in hdfc mobile app

I can not see reward section 

Share screenshot if possible where I can see rewards 

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Promotional points get credited within few days if i am not wrong 

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Where are these showing?

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So for 8k Apay GV on smartbuy using DC, we'll get 800 rupees ??

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yes, but 3% conv is also there for apay
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Can I get 5% in smartbuy & 5% in card rewards for hdfc millennia credit card/hdfc platinum debit card too??

@1sardarKhan @Tjs15 @sauravDD

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no, for millenia credit you get 5+1, and for platinum debit only 5

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