Has Youtube vlogs influenced your Movie-Watching Habits?

Deal Cadet

Over the years after watching YouTube vlogs where everything is packed into under 20 minutes, I find it very difficult to watch a 2-hour movie in one sitting. 

Nowadays, I prefer to watch something else in between and finish the movie /  TV shows in 3 to 4 segments. Has anyone else here experienced this change in your movie-watching habits?

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Benevolent Benevolent
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Deal Major Deal Major
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Heeramandi is around 8 hours of sleeping

Vanguard Vanguard
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Its already so bad concept ..

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Generous Generous
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It also depends on the movie whether it is interesting or not. Most of the time a 1 hour movie is stretched into 2 hours making it difficult to watch in one go.

Hunk Hunk
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Yes, attention span is getting very less for me.

Helpful Helpful
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Difficult sitting for a movie, but fine with bingewatching a whole series of ~30 mins of episodes.

I don't watch vlogs though

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