Have a look at Outrageously High Ticket Pricing for India Vs Pakistan match

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Minimum ticket 300$ 😜



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Diamond club = Ghar jayenga tera isme.

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300 dollar= Rs25,000.

Bheek mangne ka tarika Thora casual hain !

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watch on Tv with friends and family Best experience! 

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spoken like a true desi minded desi

people pay much MUCH more for a couple of minutes of sky diving experience in places like UAE.. which is technically Asia.
If THAT comes under 'adventure sports'.. then for foolish brownies there.. Pak-Ind matches are no less than adventure sports.

Thus if the organisers even milk the cash cow yo death, it still would first help them earn millions by way of promotion deals, telecast rights, merch, ticket sales and so on.

And even the highest ticketing for such things as this match is no match for the premiums people are made to pay for special seats during the superbowl.
admins chutiye hein
Those born there or lived long enough in those countries... no longer convert prices to native currencies.
When earning in the local currency, the spends in the same currency do not really operate at the level of currency from the country of ethnicity.
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