Have you moved google drive backup from c to d drive ??



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My c drive is almost ful ... if i try backing up my drive in pc , it takes nearly 27 gb in c and there is no space in c left if i do that. Unfortunately , i am not able to change google drive backup to d drive. I tried everything they told but the google drive wont budge from c drive.

Have you ever done it ?  I desperately need to backup in d ... which is an ssd and fully empty ... lol

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Have you tried using symlinks/junctions.

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Try checking in preferences, or there should be a Cog/Settings icon on top of the dialog after clicking on gdrive tray icon.

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Thankyou .. I opted for it again .. hope it works 
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No need to backup in PC itself, it's unsafe. Backup in a external storage

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Have google drive storage ..  and external HD storage too , backed up once a week.

Not trying to backup . I am trying to mirror files in my pc. So that i can use it offline too. But that needs 27 gb of space.

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