HDFC C2C assigned limit is low - what next?

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Hi dimers

I had applied for HDFC CC on a C2C basis with my ICICI Bank credit card of 9 Lakh credit limit.

However, HDFC issued me credit limit of 1.38 Lakh.

Isn't it the norm that when applying on C2C basis you get credit limit matched to the other bank card you had applied with?

Can you please comment on above question...

I have emailed HDFC with my payslips and salary(1.15 lakh per month) credit statements but HDFC outright denied increasing credit limit. 

Trying to find what are the options now, posting this here because I don't know if I have a case given I applied with a credit card having much higher credit limit. Please advise.
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May be it's initial limit.

Increase will happen stage wise.

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Can you please elaborate a bit on this? Like 1.38 Lakh is my credit limit which has been showing for 2+ weeks now in HDFC app.

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how to apply card to card basis i want to apply

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card to card ma kyc hoti ha kyaa

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This is your first card with the bank right?

The bank has to be somewhat risk averse with new customers.

With hdfc, they usually up your limit within a year.

If you keep maxing out your limit, they will offer you higher limit much sooner.(from a friend's experience).

You can revisit limit enhancement in 3 to 6 months. They will be amenable to the idea by then.

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Got 1.5L limit via icici 4.5L c2c millenia card for around 2 weeks ago

It depends on cibil and card approval officer also, my cibil was around 790.

There's no way to increase limit now , you can close card if not comfortable in this limit or wait for auto limit enhancements.

Btw which card you applied in hdfc?

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I applied for HDFC CC by C2C basis AND HDFC gave me the same limit.

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hmm one thing everyone forgets xD income to credit ratio lol (VERY IMPORTANT)

you already have 9lakh limit in one card and your income is 1 lakhs.  you already have too much credit to income smile so non of the bank here on will give limit easily (by looking at your existing credit limits on other cc's + income mentioned as well)

Since they check your income or profession and based on that they assign limit:) if they look at cibil they already will know your existing credit limits from other CC's of past easily 


C2C is not about ONLY matching limit (they always will check your total income to credit ratio basic evaluation, which everyone forgets normally to consider hehehehe)

which is why you were given low limit on new cards:)

so unless you get more income increase to show to justify for more credit (or wait 1 or 2 years with spending in the credit card) .. you wont get credit enhancement easily..

you can check this by applying another credit card with another new bank and they probably will give you less limit too. (i am 70% sure you wont get any more high limit) 

credit card limit depends on income level:)

the more income you show the more limit you get.. (its not about more credit LIMIT you show the more credit you get lol -> wrong logic)

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How did you applied C2C ?

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2 weeks back my friend applied for C2C for HDFC Millenia by Providing his 2.20 Lakh ICICI Credit Card and without Salary / Business Proof he got the limit of 1.37 Lakh which i GUESS is good!

But, in your case its really below Belt!

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