HDFC Card is not adding to smart buy

How to add card to smartbuy, it goes till otp for 2 rs verification and then nothing. Customer care says I have to first buy some air ticket that I can cancel after card being added.

I am confused flushed for adding a card I have to buy air ticket...
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We have to make a dummy booking.. Enter all details, add card while booking, go till the OTP page and then cancel the transaction..

I had my card network changed recently and faced same issue.. I was suggested above method and it worked perfectly

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Thanks will try
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Why do you want it to add to smartbuy. Just want to kkow

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For redemption of rewards and earn extra rewards via smart buy

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Samething happened to me, you can pay normally via card option on smartbuy

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But i need to earn and redeem rewards. For that card must be added.

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