Hdfc classic v/s preferred banking program

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Getting frequent emails of both but useful aspects from fellow dimers are missing.

Share which is more useful and how? 

Also share requirement of funds and charges if any

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only thing that will change is color of your internet banking and badging of Classic / Preferred / Imperia added in menu of mobile banking

also, similar branding in debit card and chequebook as well

rest, as usual pathetic service from HDFC Bank along with useless RMs

but, my suggestion would be, take the upgrade if you're getting it ... I haven't heard of downgrade until now from any of the HNI banking programme customer

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Wanted to mention that it's not a mail for me. 

They want me to open account from above two variants.

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Savings max is enough to get millenia or esp dc LTF. No use of these programs. Since these are offered free no harm in getting it.

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I have requested, tried to upgrade, blocked and reapplied to get millennia on advice of the banking email advice but no use. I have received 4 platinum debit cards in 15 days.

Finally they just told me to go to bank branch to apply and sent me a charge schedule for the cards.


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