HDFC debit card update

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Hello Friends,

Need your suggestion for HDFC DC upgrade.
I see 3 cards in upgrade offer, which one is best one?

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@1sardarKhan Then it's hit or miss
I don't think it's best to keep 25k in account for 590 rs dc
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Well do lot of transactions in your 10K HDFC savings account and in ONE FINE day you will get a RM assigned and account upgraded to classic variant

Thats how I got my platinum debit card for free in just 10k HDFC account:) just letting you know

So do lot of transactions in your 10k HDFC Savings account 

For me the minimum transaction for a month is approximately 1lakh rotation smile so you dont have to keep that much amount just rotate 1 lakh amount (per month) in 10k hdfc account for 3 months and you will easily get auto upgrade pre approved for your account to click and enable for classic features

Side note: Maybe that threshold of 1lakh rotation might be increased now so to be on safer side to get auto upgrade do 1.5lakh rotation and you will get that classic upgrade 

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Depends on your account variant and usage.

If you have CC bill to pay which is available on HDFC BillPay Portal then take platinum, else take millenia

If you have 25K MAB account, both debit cards are free.

Business debit is only for current accounts

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Thanks for the suggestion.
Yes, I have Credit cards and as an average CC usage per month is 10k
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Talk-Of-The-Town Talk-Of-The-Town
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Millennia if ur cc bills are less than 75k pm

Otherwise platinum

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Could you please share the process of how we can use the Millennia card for CC payment and how much % they are offering

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I specifically opened an account with hdfc for Millennia debit card. But I have found platinum dc easier and rewarding.

Only get millennia DC if you have hdfc credit card and the majority of your cc spends are in hdfc.

If you don't have any hdfc credit card, Platinum DC is the best.
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Ya platinum is best:)

hmm if we have 115k or 150k bills per month to pay in credit card we are saved with 2 HDFC bank accounts

till 75k -> use platinum from HDFC account 1
then remaining 40K -> use millenia from HDFC account 2
(OR remaining 75k -> use platinum from HDFC account 2)

so more than 150k bills on credit card any other method found? that rewards 1% cash back? anyone know any methods?

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Thank you all for your valuable time and suggestions.

But still am in confusion

I have an HDFC credit Card and as an average spend per month is 20k.

And also I am using Bajaj UPI transaction everyday so my HDFC saving account money transfer per day is 20 to 30k

I hope I am eligible for both cards as free...

So please suggest me which one I can choose now...

Wallet load, yes we can simply add to any app wallet load and the same amount can transfer back to the HDFC account. :- if wallet load also gives  cashback then I will be happy to utilise this feature

My main purpose is CC bill payment as nowadays we do not see any best offers for CC payment (Cred limited reward to 1 or 3 for 1000k payment, Park+ also stopped, Cheque no use, Paytm also not offering, any...)

As I have ICICI and SBI CC's as well

I have an upgrade option for 3 cards so I am looking for the best card to choose for my usage.... Please suggest

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1 bank account in India can have 1 debit card at any point of time:) so you can only avail only one card not 2 cards

hmmm still 30k is <40k so millennia should be enough for your use case for the moment if in future if your usage increases more just upgrade to platinum at that point of time

ALSO important note , millennia is the card that gives 1% on wallet top up and platinum only gives 1% if you use it on HDFC bill pay portal  (so i think platinum is useless for you since you use wallet more i think)

millennia (give 1% cashback on wallet loads only NOT ON BILL PAY PORTAL)

platinum (give 1% cashback only on bill pay portal only NOT ON WALLET LOADS)

so choose wisely

since you use wallet and 30k max spend

get millennia for the moment, will be my suggestion

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i have hdfc millenia DC visa card. how can i get 1% cashback for credit card bill payment ? can i get it if i pay through paytm or cred ?

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Does HDFC easyshop platinum DC also offer 1% cash back while paying CC bills?

If yes can I know the process

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Did you upgrade?

What was the timeline and after how many days you could see the upgraded card virtually? 

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