HDFC Millenia Preclosure Fees

I purchased an A.C from Amazon NCEMI via HDFC Millenia cc and called cc to cancel the emi. They mentioned that emi cannot be cancelled, They can only pre close it and the charge is pro-rata 3% and processing fees will not be reversed.
Now the principal amount was Rs.28552. 1st month interest was Rs. 380 but on pre closure, They are asking for an interest of Rs.355 which is for 3 days. Does someone know how this calculation was done.
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In hdfc, they calculate pre-closure fees based on your last billing date. And they reverse processing fees but not gst which is charged on it. You dont need to call for emi closure, you can also pre-close it via mycards website which will show all charges before closing emi.

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This is credit card EMI you are talking about, right? Not merchant EMI?

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aniket.s.gupta wrote:

Merchant EMI

Maybe customer care is confused then. Tell them this is not CC EMI but Merchant EMI and that you need to pre-close it. AFAIK, if closed within 3 days, there are no pre-closure charges applicable. Not sure about processing fees - need to confirm from the bank itself.

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