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I recently got the Millennia cc and the leaflet that comes with it says

5% on certain sites capped at 1000/cycle

1% capped at 1000.

Max cashback  = 2000/billing cycle

How does the smartbuy cashback work? Is there a cap on it? Does it count towards the 5% up to 1000 cap? or is it over the 2000 that is mentioned? 

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It depends. Example: If using flipkart directly, you would get 5% rp but when using flipkart via smartbuy, you would get 5%+1% smartbuy. This 5% would definitely be counted towards the 1000 cap. In the statement, you would see 2 separate sections, one for the usual 1 or 5% reward points and another for smartbuy.

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Thanks.. so its 
5% upto 1000/cycle for those sites+smarbuy combined
and not
5 % upto 1000 for those sites + 5% upto 1000 for smartbuy

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Smartbuy has different rates, some are 1% others can be 5% too but the upper cap is 1000 for that(separate). I guess some vouchers from gyftr will get you 5%. Not sure if the usual 1% would be applicable or not. Not fully confident. Maybe someone else can add/correct. Rest you can refer

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