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HDFC Millennia Debit Card Smartbuy promotional points credited for Mar-24


HDFC Millennia Debit Card Smartbuy promotional points (not Loyalty Points) credited for Mar-24

Not sure if credited recently of few days/weeks back. Couldn't find post on DD so thought to inform 🔔

Maybe being credited in batches. Pl check

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Crusader Crusader
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Received bro..

Thanks for the tag plus1

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Generous Generous
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Just checked got 5% points only

Transacted on smartbuy gyftr

Is that i was eligible for 5+5 or not?

If yes then when other points will come?

And also i want to is that any charges to redeem points or i can redeem without charges?

Sorry for asking these questions as got millenia dc in march and points credited first time now

Also @pingpong bro tag me also from next time

Flame Flame
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He has already mentioned that only promotional points (extra 5%) have been credited. Not the loyalty points ( base 5%). 

Kindly wait, HDFC takes time to add points. 

There are no charges for redeeming loyalty or promotional points. 

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