HDFC MoneyBack+ questions.

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1. This card was offered as LTF with a condition of spending 500rs within 14 days.

I bought amazon gift card directly from amazon(merchant: Amazon gift card).

Will this be eligible to make the card ltf?

2. A 1500rs amazon voucher was promised during the sign up. When will this be delivered?

(Asked cc, they told no voucher, if the the card is ltf. Told them the offer mentioned both. They told me to wait, will be sent)

3. Is this an amazon voucher or gift card?

4. The card is mastercard. Can I change it to visa or rupay?

5. If I change it to rupay, will I get an upgrade to millenia in the future?

Since millenia is not issued with rupay?

6. When will the points be credited and what is the min. Requirement to redeem as statement credit?

Finally yes, I know it is a sh*t card stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

Thank you in advance.

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1. Yes

2. After 90 days

3. Amazon Gift Card

4. Yes

5. Don't know

6. After Statement

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1. Yes

2. Most probably you will get it

3. Amazon Gift card sometimes they sent gyftr coupon where you can redeem as any other brand gift voucher

4. You can change to any varient just mail to cc

5. As far I know card variant does not affect upgrade. For millinea you will need 1 lakh limit and 6 months of minimum usage

6. Points are not credited by statement. Hdfc adds points on calendar month. Last month's points will only be added in next month not according to statement. You will need minimum 2000 points (500rs) for statement credit

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When CL is 1.5L+, ask for millenia (visa or what ever, dont change network now)... being shit is awarded after years, like myself... LTF.MILL.CC, LTF.NEU.INF

Truly, even human relationships don't pend like these yet reward feels like great, cause these are inordinate stuff...

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