HDFC or ICICI Bank For IPOs Application

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I currently Use SBI ASBA for IPOs , But planning to Move my funds to HDFC/ICICI and open Bank account/ upgrade Bank accordingly .The reason is I heard they allow apps until 4pm on last day whereas sbi closes applications at 2pm sharp..which is quite early. And obviously for better service

Anyone having Experience with HDFC & ICICI?

1) Which would be better for Retails applications (including SHNI & SME IPOs application)

2) Do they unlock funds timely after allotment/ not allotment

3) What is the conversion ratio with these banks ( No of application you made and no of Allotments u got)...I know this is little offtrack smile... But read in some other forum people talking about HDFC and ICICI, not getting much allotment  

4) Any other things u observed/ experience please share

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Post Mogul Post Mogul
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I will suggest axis for absa can apply for IPO from 5 different demat experience is also good ..It closes around 3-3:30 on last day

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Yeah , ok thanks...Not sure But Since in next 1-2 month multiple applications will be stopped from one bank so i am an factoring multiple applications as my criteria.

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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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hdfc not good as you have to give demat details each time you apply to ipo. got 2 allotment out of 5(big hni) in one hdfc acc. 

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I usually apply by UPI. is there any profit by applying through ASBA?

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No Profit as such.both have equal allotment chances....its just that for larger amounts, ASBA is more convenient i find 
Super Stud Super Stud
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Anyone got an allotment using IDFC First ASBA?

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Heard people getting good allotment through IDFC ASBA, and its service also very good. though branch not in my city
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