HDFC Regalia - Easy way to get upgrade for it using relationship manager Rappo?

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Hello All,

I would like to know if its possible to request HDFC Business Regalia upgrade as LTF by asking virtual relationship manager (RM) using one of the following

1) by getting 2 Lakh loan from HDFC

2) by doing FD of 2 lakh

I currently have the cursed HDFC Business Money Back (useless card mostly) with 86k limit, got it 6 months before around Nov 2023 and only good thing is core card advantage of HDFC related offers in amazon

so anyone of the above method will yield result?

any suggestion?

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Hunk Hunk
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You can try, but from what I have discussed they are not keen on giving LTF card.

I read somewhere that they will give it with a ULIP but that is a different can of worms.

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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ah yes my RM told me that she is willing to give me LE or other variant if I have some tricky named thing called "Savings plan lol" from her which is actually an insurance plan from HDFC Life lol 

Damn i can't get anything easily upgraded with HDFC, especially the cursed card money back XD

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Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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Fight cunningly over email for LTF millennia (conditional LTF may work like spend 50k in 2months, set up billpay etc), that regalia is worth nothing for real use, unless you travel abroad often...

Also 1L min CL is needed, aim for that first...

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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oh Regalia i thought it would be useful for smart buy hmm regalia not so useful? i dont travel abroad sad so HDFC cards are waste cards ah? except millennia 

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