HDFC Rupay Platinum Debit card


Anyone here who is holding HDFC easyshop Rupay Platinum debit card kindly confirm:

1. It can be used on Amazon Friday offer?

2. Does it gives 1% cashback as rewards on paying credit card bill using HDFC in app Bill pay just like HDFC easyshop VISA platinum gives.

3. Is it free for salary account or not? Because HDFC easyshop VISA platinum which generally cost around 750/ year is free for Salary account holders. If chargeable then what are the charges.

4. Is it easy to procure or will it require multiple escalations / calls ( For eg:- ICICI do lot of tantrums in issuing Rupay debit card, in last they issue it, but one will have to call multiple times to get it).

@abhishek012    Kindly help on this, I remember that few persons on your past posts have shared their HDFC easyshop Rupay Platinum debit card experience, if you remember any of those, then kindly share it. Also, you are an expert of Rupay so tagging you. Your help is much appreciated. Sorry, if I unnecessarily bothered you. 

Right now holding HDFC easyshop VISA Platinum debit card ( Salary account). 

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1) Yes

2) HDFC Platinum Easyshop debit card is not available on RuPay platform

3) Yes Free

4) Offline apply.

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Thanks for reply. 

Regarding 2) :


They are marketing it as Rupay Premium debit card instead of calling it Rupay easyshop platinum debit card. In the image we can see there is easyshop logo as well.

Have you personally tried it or read anyone's personal experience about the 1% rewards. I don't want to even loose on that 1% reward. And I don't think that just like ICICI they allow multiple add on debit cards for salary account holders. 

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