HDFC vs ICICI for current account

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Hello fellow dimers,

I am looking to open a current account for my newly opened business,
I am thinking to open account with either HDFC or ICICI because of import payment restrictions by PSU banks, Also these are the closest bank from my home.

SBI's basic current account (5K MAB) does not let me remit more than 50K rs in one go, which is a bummer.

Both banks have basic current account variants named RCA.
Both RCA accounts have MAB 10,000rs

On the internet everyone is talking about ICICI's classic 2.0 account or HDFC premium account, People do not mention RCA accounts, I think these might be due to charges these banks levy on basic account variants.

I am absolutely new to this current account saga, Please give me recommendations for banks / variants.
I can extend MAB upto 25,000rs max.

Please let me know your past experiences with these banks / account variants, About their charges and more.
And please let me know if there are any suggestions for accounts.
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3 years back, when my friend compared ICICI and HDFC's current account for his shop, he came to the conclusion that HDFC is better.

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I did some extensive research about the same, I compared all bits and pieces and found many charges which are present in ICICI which isn't in HDFC, online infrastructure maybe a bit poor but from my savings account experience hdfc's offline experience is superior to any bank.

I'll proceed with HDFC, thanks for replying

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Take HDFC current a/c and also get business debit card, pay taxes with it and get 5% CB too... thank me after getting it @SamosaEater

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Sure thing, thanks!!

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