Help from any legal expert -fraud case Taj India Resort Pvt Ltd. Lajpat nagar Delhi

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I have taken membership in 2021 june and paid  around 90k (cash + creditcard) for 5 yrs and after availing 2  holidays total now they r not booking desired destination and not attending phone call.

How to complaint ? File a case or any online options present??

I Google searched Taj india resort fraud and found many families got trapped.

Legal experts pls help !!best way to get some money back and compensation!!!

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Time share holidays are as legalised a scam as game shows, betting platforms, lotteries/ races/ gambling, chain marketing/ pyramid schemes have been made legal by the law makers.

Taj are de-facto kings for over hundred years. Little can be expected by way of recovery from Indian Hotels Company Limited or the group unless you have admissible evidence of deficiency of service or denial of service.

And even then (even if you do have evidence that the courts will accept) it will be an uphill task to engage a law firm and pursue the case.

These buggers, like with group companies (say: Voltas), keep taking cases to appellate authorities and higher courts.. besides buying out the lawyers of the plaintiff too.

Still, have the documented records of all correspondences (be it phone calls, e-mails, chats or other platforms) in order and write to them with definitive timelines for expected resolutions
engage a law-firm to do it (send the letter) for you.
If engaging a legal counsel, better consult with more than one.. prior to finalising on one.
Might help to make discreet enquires about the credibility of the firm or the individual lawyer.

Sometimes the super busy ones may seem like spending too less a time on any consultation or briefing or on the case itself.. but they are overall good and get the job done.
But at other times it can actually be a case of indifference and them not giving fair time to a case.
Hence choosing wisely is really important.
If some court registrars or others give independent, unbiased tips on who is good at handling a certain type of cases or who is on good terms with relevant judges.. then paying heed to such tips too goes a long way in the cases not spreading to long dates.
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Are you saying that "Taj India Resort Pvt Ltd" belongs to the TATA group?

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name and shame the CEO, talk to some influencers to cover your case

Only this way you can recover your money, legally it would be a very tough and long battle

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What about consumers court/forum?? Do they entertain these cases

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why not
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