help - how to remove saved cards from park+ app

If anyone know how to remove saved credit card from park+ app pls let me know

Scrolled through all pages in app but not able to find any option

Reason to delete card is earlier they was asking cvv to complete transaction but today they didn't even asked cvv and transaction got successful

Also requesting others to remove card from this app to prevent fraud
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Blaze Blaze
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Hmm.. good caution for all.

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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ask their support to remove the card

Generous Generous
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I don't think they will do it easily

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Deal's Advocate Deal's Advocate
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Did you get an OTP to complete the transaction?

As per the RBI mandate, from October 1, 2022, full card number, CVV and expiry date and any other sensitive information related to cards cannot be stored by merchants for processing online transactions, Hence, the card numbers are to be replaced with ‘token’ if consent provided voluntarily.
In case of an online transaction, instead of card details, a unique token will be stored on the server. The merchant or transaction platform sends out a message to Visa or Mastercard or a payment gateway, who asks for a token against that card number and will then pass it on to the bank for allowing the transaction

Tokenised transactions are two-factor-authenticated and use an encrypted token instead of actual card details. In addition, they use a Token Authentication Verification Value (TAVV) cryptogram for cardholder-initiated transactions

CVV less Payment For Tokenised Cards

CVV-free online transactions has been introduced across the merchant ecosystem offering secure transactions for consumers
CVV-less payment
for tokenised cards is a new experience that ensures you don’t have to remember your card details if you have tokenised your card with your e-commerce merchant or payment platform. When you save your card for a domestic e-commerce transaction, they authenticate the transaction through your card details, such as card number, CVV, and card expiration, as a one-time activity followed by entering the OTP (two-factor authentication)

This safeguards the card details of the customer from cyber frauds as real details are not saved with the merchant

Once your details are tokenised and saved with the merchant, you must enter the OTP received only by your mobile device every time you use online payment

Fun Facts 

Visa is the first payment network to introduce CVV-free ecosystem
CVV-less payments feature has been made live along with RazorPay for merchants like Rapido, Porter, etc. &  also working with major aggregators/gateways like PayU, CyberSource, Firstdata, Paytm, etc. to extend this feature to other merchants
Mastercard today announced the introduction of Cardholder Verification Code (CVC)-less online transactions for its debit and credit cardholders who have tokenized their cards on merchant platforms


See if ParkPlus are following these mandate & if you still feel unsecured , ask them to delete stored cards from the account


Generous Generous
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Yes receiving otp always but this time they didn't asked cvv till last week both was required to complete transaction

Flame Flame
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Which cards you have stored there. You can even delete card tokens from your bank app. ICICI netbanking allows you to do so

Generous Generous
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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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In dec 2023 i faced same issue with HDFC Deactivated card after multiple follow ups only support team of park plus can remove, please raise request via app it will take approx a week to sort out but will get done.

Any how park plus not allowed to remove card button any where this is truth for now until they not enable.

Pro DealBaba Pro DealBaba
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Lock ur. Cards till u find a solution

Generous Generous
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Already reduced transaction limits

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