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so I have shortlisted 4-5 universities from US for my masters, I have applied. but just in case I get approval from more than 1 university, I want to choose good one. anyone here knows anything about what factors to consider or how to compare and choose better? 

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I would suggest to do your own research. Go through Reddit/Google reviews. List down pros & cons. And at last, whatever you decide, have faith in your decision.

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Depends on the course you are interested in and the professor under whom you would study

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study online why waste money on degree & uncertainty of visa

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I am not saying do this or don't do this , See the ROI of all this , what's the opportunity  cost of this , who have done same thing from same University what's there outlook towards University...

Just don't choose building , facilities, over education .....

Take help from agencies who send students abroad .

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