Help needed on Birth Certificate

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Same as topic 

how & where to apply for a duplicate birth certificate ?what is the process ? 

any physical confirmation from local people required by administration ? how long will it take & any fees?

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Each state hai different procedure. Ask your municipal office. 

In bihar it's very lengthy process .

We have taken sign from mukhiya, chowkidar, then submit to tehsildar. 

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Go to municipal corporation office and there is a counter for registration of birth from there you have to fill a form and deposit fee for issuance of birth certificate copy

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Mention your state for help from respective fellow dimers.

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depending on municipality tech upgrade, you can apply online or you have to go there with a notary doc stating ur need for a duplicate doc and get it signed by govt official and then submit it.

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Depends on the District/Village/City/State. 

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please before asking such questions, at least specify your state,district,city etc. 

also mention which year you are talking about. We aren't telepaths.

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It depends on the state which you live in currently and it is recommended that you go to municipal office 

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indicate location and year of birth

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