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I recently bought around 35k Amzn GCs via my SBI Cashback card on one of my amazon account. 
Now the account doesn't show option to pay via CC and none of the accounts at home have that option to pay via CC.
Is there any other way to buy Amazon GC to get 5% CB?? Like any other website?

I want to buy 10K GC.

I also have HDFC Millenia Diners Club CC for 5% CB in case someone suggests to use different CC. If anyone knows any way out, kindly help and share details.

Thanks in advance!

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What I can tell you is: even if available, do not buy gv from other accounts using same sbi cc. All accounts will get cc option blocked altogether.

Now that you've already crossed monthly gv purchase limit on Amazon, forget buying directly from Amazon.

Check Abhishek's posts where he had recently mentioned option to buy at 4%. Now sure if it'll be working or not, but follow his posts, kuch to mil jayega

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Bro I don't want to try shady apps and risk big amount there. I checked a few posts and thought if someone could share an easier way out like via Gyftr or Woohoo or something like that. 

Thanks for suggestion btw. I won't do it on other accounts with same card.

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30k is the limit. how come op got 5k extra gvs

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Is 30K limit per calander month?
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You could get an add on for your sbi cb card, create a new amazon account in their name(assuming they don't have one) and buy from their account.

Since add ons are issued with their own numbers, as long as you use the new card on only the new account you should be able to buy from it.

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I have got an add on card already and the add on user have an existing Amzn account. Should I try there?

I'll try making a new account but cannot get a new add on for any other family member as of now.

But thanks for the help bro! I'll try this.

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of maybe clear the cookies, history of the browser and relogin your amazon account.

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I guess monthly limit is over. So not possible.

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I could do transaction again on the same account without any issues using same card. No incognito or anything. Same Device and same app.

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