Help siggest split AC based on personal user experience

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Hi looking to purchase both a 1.5 ton & 1 ton AC for rooms.

Previous samsung split bought in 2011 1.5 ton performed well 

My room size I measured is actually 291.675 sq ft

On Hitachi website it says it needs 291.675 * 120 = 35001 BTU cooling capacity

35001/12000 btu 2.91675 tr which means I need 2.91 ton AC

Another website says 291.75 needs to be multiplied by 25 to get BTU

Also there are so many features to choose from.

If you've used the ACs & actually found them to be useful instead if gimmicks please comment







Conada airflow.

Pm 2.5 Filter.

Dew clean



Hitachi. Seems to be beating all other ACs in features

24 m air throw.


Ice clean self cleaning technology 





7 in 1 convertible 

Pm 0.1 filter

Miraie app integrated smart AC




Dual inverter.

AI integrated






Please share the AC models you would sugfest

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You should consider 2 Ton variant as per your room size

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300 sqft is a huge room, but ignore the recommendations of what these websites says.

Other factors also matters.

Is your room on top floor?  Does 2-3 sides of outer side of your room exposed to direct sun?

I bought a 1.5 ton convertible AC for my room of size 150sqft and later realised that it's too big for my room. I use it on 0.8 ton for most of the times and on 1 ton during summer. All 4 sides of my room have zero exposure to direct sun.

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@ChindiChor99 What is your monthly power consumption, even if you run it on full mode it will reduce its speed or turn off compressor as per requirements hence I don't think you will get more bill if you run it on normal mode and is your roof gets direct sunlight or not

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Mind elaborating on what you felt when you said 'beats all others in features'?

60 years back, the same toothpaste brands that ridiculed others/ charcoal use for oral hygiene, today themselves market the use of carbon in their products as a 'feature'.

Irrespective of whether useful or not, the very mention of a new abbreviation or term or year of making.. is reason enough to price the product N thousand rupees higher.

Should you be relatively happy with the chaebols then can continue to be on them.
At-least LuckyGoldstar (LG) and Samsung are two chaebols who took this market seriously even in the late 1990s.
And by now their products have a lot of understanding and integration of what the energy (power) 'situation' is in our country, the quality of water we get and the expectations that the desi consumers have.

About BTU and cubic meters of room capacity, yes 18000 British Thermal Units might be a tad less for the size you mention.
But it should be manageable unless the room/hall is the top floor/ ceiling and side walls get peak sunlight, unless temperatures often go beyond 40°C in summers, unless too many doors windows or frequent movement of people (like in a showroom, shop) with doors opening multiple times.

Hitachi have yet not committed much to India and look at us merely as another profit centre.
We have a Hitachi refrigerator, neighbours have Mitsubishi split AC.
For the robustness and performance of the product, I might put my trust behind a Mitsubishi HVAC solution.. at the same price point.
Mind you, I am not dissing Hitachi. It was merely a comparative statement.

Good to see you are considering almost all brands, except desi ones. (I only saw IFB. No Bluestar, Godrej Videocon Voltas).

We have been using Daikina in a place where energy quality is a bit hohum.
But despite being inverter types, nothing fried or got damaged the past 9-9½ years. PCB and units are fine with minimal maintenance.
Some cheap (price, quality) stabiliser was force sold by the dealer and it might have helped.
These Daikins are barely .75 tonnes to 1.25 tonnes.
The inverter type Daikins are slow at initial cooling.
The non inverter type (.75 and 1 tonne) Daikins sprint towards cooling.
Inverter type Daikins were A TOTAL FAILURE in the heatwave when it went 43°-44°C.

Daikin never took responsibility of even the in-warranty service.. routine service and everything back then was shoved to the dealer themselves.

Now things are different may be.

LG.. what to say. Still have the 20 year old units in one metro city, still working.

Unless working for 8½-9 hours non-stop for multiple months.. I still feel that inverter technology is an overkill, especially given the fake pricing they have.

Saying this as someone who themselves have inverter (LG, Bosch) clothes washer, inverter refrigerators and inverter HVAC units since 9-10 years.

Having said that, the prices of non inverter HVAC too often are only marginally less and it makes the inverter type units look value for money.

Bluestar and LG, Samsung cassette (ceiling, duct) type air-conditioners in similar sized shops around us are working great for them.

Neighbours have a Voltas, which too is working good since 2½-3 years.

Acquaintances in Islamabad, Muktan and other places in Napaakistan have have had very good service with Kenstar too.
And while Kenstar may not be easily available here, both Sharp and Ogeneral are great too.

Amongst your list, after LG/Samsung.. if you are open to Chinese made Panasonics, Haiers.. then both these brands are worth shortlisting too.
In-fact both Panasonic and Haier might actually have indigenised their HVAC units to an extent.

If for commercial establishment and if ducting is possible.. do consider cassette type air-conditioners.

LG/Samsung 》 Bluestar/Voltas (if desi) 》 Panasonic/Haier if non desi, non Korean brands.

Mitsubishi/Hitachi if 'have money/budget and wanna live class' without tension.
Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Beautiful well thought & detailed reply.

Riveting to read & yet easy to understand for a layman like myself.

You are a diamond.

Mitsubishi/Hitachi if 'have money/budget and wanna live class' without tension

But Mitsubishi is way more expensive than Hitachi

& I've read reviews where every buyer says if Hitachi develops problems the technicians in india are unable to solve

For example Mitsubishi 1.5 tr 5* costs 60000 vs Hitachi which costs 45000

Mind elaborating on what you felt when you said 'beats all others in features'?

Sure, Hitachi

24 m airthrow

Ice clean self cleaning tech saving upto ₹6000 in servicing charges

Ambient colour based on temperature

Xpandable +

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I wanted to know from where do we check BTU?

Someone said Hitachi is a heavy duty compared to Panasonic, Lloyd, Voltas, LG, Samsung and other electronic brands.

Some say check actual tonnage, most brands sell as 1.5T but it will be only 1.3ton.

How do you check actual tonnage?.

Are you talking about maximum power consumption?

Tech Guru Tech Guru
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OGeneral and Mitsubishi Heavy -> Definitions of heavy duty. Poor service quality. 

Hitachi -> Good if the machine turns out good. 

Mitsubishi Electric -> Good for residential properties but suffers from slow service.

Panasonic -> Great features in a budget

LG -> 4400 Watt cooling capacity in 1.5 ton 3 star ACs, which makes them fake 1.5 tonners.

Benevolent Benevolent
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You'll need 2 Ton AC i suppose for your room.

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Using O general AC, they are the best in terms of performance and easy on pocket.

Star rating matters a lot, go for 4-5 star only, the saving in electricity bill will easily offset the higher price for 4-5 star.

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Buy Samsung 5 star air conditioner you can run it on both AC and DC current without any additional setup

Buy 5 solar panels of 550 watt place them on your roof connect them in series and connect your Samsung ac with solar panels whole day free cooling, in night time use electric power

Panasonic AC is good but you cant run it directly on solar panel as it's outdoor unit not turns on due to some shitty circuit 

Samsung is old brand and providing service in India since ages

You can easily buy 5 solar panels of 550/525 watt around 55000 rupees, your ac consumes around 1200-1300 watts at normal compressor speed and reduces if cooling is maintained, and 5 solar panels capacity would be 2.5 Kwh isliye  even if sunlight is not full your ac will keep running and mostly run during clouds also

If you install 6 panels in 3+3 string you will get uninterrupted power for your ac throughout the day at 150 voltage which sufficient to run inverter ac

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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This is an interesting concept.

Exciting, I thought to install solar panels the process was very shown in video

Didn't know could just buy &  install.

Which AC variants can be run in both AC & DC other than Samsung?

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Please remember Hitachi is marketed by an Noida based company. It's not old Hitachi quality & durability. For 250sqft room I got an 2ton Panasonic 4way airflow. It's running great. For your room I think 2ton ac from Mitsubishi should be fine. Just make sure airflow is 4way.

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I've shortlisted these 3 , please suggest which would be better & energy efficient

Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star ice Clean Xpandable Plus Inverter Split AC (100% Copper, Dust Filter, 2023 Model, Yoshi 5400FXL, R32-RAS.G512PCAISF, Dual Platinum)

Panasonic 7 in 1 Convertible 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split Smart AC with Temperature Sensors (2024 Model, Copper Condenser, CS/CU-NU12YKY5W)

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Panasonic AC runs at around 8 rupees per 3 hours, cooling is great, bone chilling cooling with less power consumption 

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