Help with hdfc credit card application

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I had applied for HDFC credit card Diners club privilege via card to card basis.

I got a call for verification and they confirmed that diners club privilege will be issued as life time free. 

However, later i got a msg that HDFC millennia has been approved and dispatched.

I contacted HDFC via twitter regarding it and they forwarded me a msg for procedure to close the credit card.

I have not accepted the card from the courier.

Is there anything i can do to get the diners club privilege credit card?

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How to apply on card to card basis for HDFC cc ?
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Go to branch, and apply on C2C basis. Some are reporting that C2C applications are by default LTF.

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Via agent.

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if u close card then they will not issue another card for some months or year

take millenia and understand that verification caller gave wrong info

millenia is good card after Infinia assuming u do not travel much

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Today I applied for c2c basis through bank. The existing limit on my icici credit card is 2.1 lakh. The agent said I will get diners privilege or regalia business for more than 2l limit on other credit card. Its 3 lakhs for regalia. Will update once it is dispatched.
@prathameshiist270 What is your existing card limit?

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For Regalia or diners club privilege card 2 card basis, card limit more than Rs 5 lac is required. Card must be at least six months old. Also they need card from standard bank. 

I had Rs 6.7 lac limit and the agent said it would be approved.

I have no idea why they still approved millennia.

I would rather not accept delivery.

So there should be no question of closing the card then? Or so I am assuming.


How come you think Millennia is the best card after Infinia?

Diners club privilege gives lounge access to add on cards also. Diners has a much larger lounge list when compared to even Regalia and Millennia.

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you are talking about lounges so diners better than Millennia

for non travel spends millennia good - i already mentioned in last post

HDFC very rubbish inside, even if you reject they will keep rejecting new applications saying application already exists and not so easy to deal with those dumbs

a friend got millennia with wrong name printed, care suggested him to close card so they can issue new one but it's more than a year nothing happened cc has no answer just misguide

its upto u, u can be lucky

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Bro apply milennia card diner club network it’s a good choice
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I have been missing an HDFC card, its especially good for offline offers.

If i accept the millennia now,

what do you think are the chances that they will upgrade later?

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If ur need is just lounges, get IndusInd Legend LTF, for this open IndusInd SB and keep some bal u will get LTF pre-approved offer
Yes, upgrades happen depending on usage, also Millenia2Infinia easy but Diners2Infinia difficult
chances of Millenia2Regalia upgrade are very high I have seen
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I have HDFC indian oil CC with 3.5 lac limit since an year. Can i get Millenia Card on C2C basis?

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