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Help with Kitchen Chimney

Post Tycoon

There is ongoing sale on amz.
Deal : https://ddime.i...VD by fellow dimer.

Also deals from others if you search chimney in deals section.

I need a good chimney for around 10k.
I can see good offers on hindware, elica and glen.

However also on livepure and other brands I have never heard of.

Requirements of generally good things:
1. High cfm above 1200.
2. Filterless or at least auto clean.
3. 60 to 90 cm size.
4. Gesture or touch controls.
5. Low noise etc...

Will be helpful for me and other looking for a chimney now and later.


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Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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As per availability of service in your location.

Pro DealBaba Pro DealBaba
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Burner kitne hai?

Ps - budget badao, 10k mai thek thak aati hai badia nhi, or mrp pe mat jana normal selling price 50% kam hota hai mrp se

Post Tycoon Post Tycoon
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3 burners. So 60 inch good and 90 inch size better.
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Benevolent Benevolent
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go with baffle filter chimney, without tilted one. and now days almost every chimney comes with gesture control.
auto clean is a gimic, infact clean the baffle filter every month in hot water your chimney will last for ever.
60/90 depends on your stove size.
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Cool Cool
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Hindware raylene chimney

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