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hide real name in UPI payment

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I want to send and recive upi paym went from personal acct ,not bzyness but due to privacy want to hide name possible?
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Finance Ninja Finance Ninja
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I don’t think we can customize it. It’s auto generated.
But i understand your concern , had one issue recently while helping random stranger out.

Finance Ninja Finance Ninja
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@abhishek012 is it possible?
Gpay is linked to email address.
We can even initiate conversations in gpay, though it doesn’t sends the message if we use offensive words.

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The name of the account holder will always be mentioned on top right when you’re entering your upi pin and also in the summary of the transaction. You can’t hide it.

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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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You can use rentpay option on Paytm but at a cost of 1%. The payments are deposited as payouts@paytm and your real name will not show.
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can i hide? receive bank account name in Gpay  & Phone pe please find? me the way to hide my bank receive name in it

Critic Critic
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@abhishek012 Bro, any updates here ? What would be a recommended way to send or receive money via UPI if one doesn't want to show his/her real name and mobile number in the transaction. Not looking to fake the data/details, but just to hide it for privacy reasons... The use case is that my younger cousin uses UPI to send and receive money, but doesn't like that her mobile number and/or name shows up on the other end.

P.S: I am newbie when it comes to UPI, so please explain in easy steps XD

Finance Ninja Finance Ninja
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First ask yourself what are you saying.

You guys are asking for I want to rob a bank but don't want to reveal my identity.

Ya, its the same thing.

By the way you can create any UPI vpa name to hide your mobile number.

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