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I’m 29 and want to purchase a house. My salary is 70k per month and the house i want to buy has 1200Sqft with govt value of 75 Lakhs. And I have confirmed the deal at 1 Crore sharp with the owner. 


Now I I have my salary and a plot which I’m selling at 60 lakhs so my cash in hand is (60 lakhs + my salary) and I’m looking for a loan of 60 lakhs at least.

Now I to know about the- 

  • home loan eligibility
  • Bank with lowest home loan interest rate
  • Which bank home loan should I go for ?
  • I have accounts on HDFC and IOB bank only.
  • Can I get loan from a bank which I don’t have account with ?
  • a comparison of home loan interest rate all bank
  • A want to mortgage the home I want buy against the property [property against loan interest rate]
  • My CIBIL Score is 721 as of 8/02/2022.
  • I use only credit card now

Please help to get the best Home Loan with each and every little small details possible. I have time till September to acquire the house by managing the amount.

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1. With cibil less than 750 you may not get best deals 

2. 60L loan on 70K salary…only bank will be able to tell you how much are are eligible for looking at your expense/inhand salary and other stuffs…. personally amount is bit over stretched. . Your EMI alone will be around 45K per months consider 25 years and 7.5% interest… (Interest is expected to move up only).. you won’t get it for less than 7.5 considering your score ..best this days is 7% post recent hike

3. Do consider SBI for home loan.BoB is also good..No idea about IOB .won’t go for HDFC or ICICI. You can get home loan from anybank as long you are able to provide them required set of documents

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Why going for 60L loan when you have 60L in hand? go for only remaining 40L and try liquidating your savings to reduce this 40L further

Improving cibil will take at least 6 months, so forget abt that

BoB and SBI will both provide you loan at bit lower rates, and you can utilise OD account benefits

PM me if you need more details

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1 Crore Sharp

Wha does it mean?

1. Does it include stamp duty?

2. Does it include registry and lawyer charges?

3. Does it include free parking? (Also confirm the exact parking number in the society flat

4. Is the area 1250, carpet area, build up area, super build up area?

5. Is the flat RERA registered? Will they provide, Encumbrance  Certificate, Occupancy Certificate,  Completion Certificate (usually for new flats)

6. Do you know you can avoid Capital gains on land sale since you are using the proceed to purchase a residential building? (probably the first time in lifetime)

Other miscellaneous question (feel free to avoid this)

1. City of flat purchase?

2. Cost per sq. ft. of flat?  as per 75L it is 6250. As per 1cr. it is  8000

3. City of land sale?

4. Cost per sq. ft of land sale?

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