Housing App vs Bharat Nxt

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Which app is better for credit card to bank transfer?

Housing App or Bharat Nxt?

Housing app do not need KYC, also can transfer to own account

Bharat NXT needs one time KYC and can transfer to others account

Any issues in money settlement ?

Is there any other alternative reliable app other than Cred, which requires PAN of beneficiary !!

Any card which gives reward on education fee or utilities?

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Bharat NXT is for business only

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Yes, but people are paying friends and wives account by BharatNXT

I guess payment reflected as Utilities MCC

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Beware everyone, don't use housing app. Every transaction in Housing app comes under rental category. As you know, doing rental transaction on credit card attract huge charges by bank and also app. Even tution fees payment comes under rent in housing app. Customer care has confirmed as per screenshot.


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I am not sure if this is true, I have done education transaction in past and have got reward points and on my card I don't get reward points on Rental transactions 

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LOL, they have blocked my Housing account after I exposed them. There are plenty of apps in the market. Housing is risky because its showing rent in tuition fees

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