how can get refund for icici debit card

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one of my friend open Icici account and get two debit card one is normal varient one is picture debit card which for he charged rs.600+gst. so how can he cancel that debit card and get debit card charge back?

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Sorry bro, don't have an ICICI account. If two cards are issued by mistake, then raise a closure request for one which you don't want and ask for refund of charges.

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He must have customised that picture debit card. If it was a credit card then something could have done. Btw, ask him to complain to icici cs and wait for the verdict. 

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he gave his photo to be posted himself so he had to be charged. put around 10 lacs for 2 weeks, then tell them u want to close because of charges and see the magic

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Most of the times if you maintain a good NRV , ICICI is pretty kind to reverse charges for some services most of the times.

Message them on twitter stating your problem.

Most probably they will reverse that charge even if it was your mistake.

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For Picture Card Intentionally Applied ??  The same Old 16 Digit Debit Card Numbers Will Be Printed In New Picture Card... 3 Years Ago Charges Was 800rs...

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