How can government teacher get a CC?


Everytime I try to apply for the credit card, they ask me Company name, email IDs and all.

What should I mention there?
Also Is there is any way to get a card easily.

Govt. teacher in UP

Salary account in Canara and raised multiple requests for the card but no replies from there.


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Really sad to hear this sir. Most of the people who don't have a job are having a handful of credit cards through fake details and/or  by C2C methods but a government teacher is struggling to get a card🙃 Now coming to your question why don't you fill your school name as company name and use your personal mail id because official mail id is not necessary nowadays for CC application. If Canara Bank is not getting back to you mail the nodal officer on [email protected]/[email protected]. You will definitely get a reply. For other banks mostly agents can solve your problem because they know everything on how to sell credit cards. Wishing you to get your hands on a credit card soon!

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Broooooooo, inta formal enduku?

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Better to open a account in hdfc/axis/icici and transact though it. They will give pre-approved cc and later after cibil score you can apply for others.

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Sirji try Appling at Kotak they are providing Kotak league CC LTF now and approving it too my sister is also a govt teacher she have salary account at SBI her application for Kotak approved within 24 hrs I have applied her card I haven't mentioned her school name I mention Government of ________(india/state) no credit history limit 60K

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ok let me try, I will DM if needed further help. Thanks 😊 

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Last year my friend applied for SBI card he works in Ministry the agent who came for verification called him and ask for the office address confirmation he responded the same but agent haven't came for verification and his application also approved

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1. try different bank's entry level cards

2. search for FD secured ones.
3. once you have some credit history then apply for more.

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Thanks @akshay9022 , @DimeEarner .

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