How does cashback get credited for HDFC smartbuy and smartpay?


Hi, I recently created an HDFC salary account and got a platinum debit card with that. On the website, they mention that this card is eligible for 5% cashback on SmartPay (auto bill pay) and Smartbuy.

I have added 5 bills out of which 3 support SmartPay. Others are gas cylinder and credit card which have to be paid on demand so might not be eligible for the cashback. Also I had booked a train ticket using SmartBuy.

My question is how and when do we get the cashback for these payments? I don’t think I’ve got anything yet after a couple of bills paid and one train ticket booked.

There’s also a gift voucher on the basis of the no. of SmartPay bills, is that given after 12 months?

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3 months.. smartpay cashback credited as cashback to account, smartbuy cashback credited as points on debit card need to redeemed from netbanking.. 3 months this also.. for that smartpay vouchers you need to wait 4-5 months

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Thanks man! That clears it up.

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@Fanil is the cashback also applicable on credit card payments even though that doesn’t come under SmartPay?

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