How hazardous (if at all) is the water you drink, cook with, bathe with, wash with?

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Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and World Health Organisation (WHO) prescribe that Uranium beyond 30 µg/L (ppb) in ground water is unacceptable, dangerous for consumption or human use.

I was checking the 'groundwater yearbook' 2021 - 2022.

This is an official report from the GoI itself.
(I mean, I did not get it from whatsapp uncle. But then again, even those incharge of publishing, vetting government records are now... no better).

As per the report the maximum value of Uranium observed (in parts per billion) amongst ground water samples from the state of my residence is 149.

⚠️This is almost 5 times the prescribed maximum limit.⚠️

Even Reverse Osmosis cannot deal with such contamination.
⚠️Mostly untreated water is used in bathrooms and wash area, in most homes, commercial establishments.⚠️

Has the sub-soil water/ water supply of your society/ complex/ home ever been tested at any proper laboratories?
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