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How is infinix laptop?

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Is this company reliable?

Anyone using it.

INBook X1Pro - Infinix (

realme Book (Slim)

I have used both HP and dell both of them do not give so premium looking products at such low cost. Similarly Mi Notebook, Honor Book, Realme Slim etc. are also giving similar looks.

Are these companies at all trustable?

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Paji is this chinese company?prices are low as compared to specs @getready @guest_999
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Its close (HK based). The real manufacturer is chinese though (Transsion Holdings). Apart from Infinix, they also make devices for the brand "Tecno"

So i guess, Infinix is getting their laptops made via this one or something similar

Edit: Infinix is sub-brand brand of Transsion Holdings

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Yeah this is made in China

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Looks like my nearest inbook service centre is within 7km and that's a service centre I know which does various brands like Asus.

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Depends on what specs you are getting for the price. I don't recommend anyone to buy laptops from a brands who is not established in particular field. Infinix is just labelling its brand on the laptops that's being manufactured somewhere in China.
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I think if you think After Sales Service is Important then stick with Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Asus. These brands spend thousands of crore in their Service centres and they make sure that Part is available for at least 4 years after launch also you will get OEM Parts at a cheaper price than these brands, I don't think shopping websites sell Infinix panels, soundbox, touchpad, etc.

If Service is good then Its Okay,Otherwise I think take Extended Warranty 

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22g spare parts cost a bomb always
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Someone bought and installed Windows 10 in Infinix Laptop?

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same doubt?

any one installed Windows 10 on new Infinix x1 NEW Slim Series laptops?? 
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DELL is best in INDIA even today because of there services but I barely repaired since last 2 years so,cant say!

Nowaday,every customer support is pathetic be it Amazon,Flipkart or DELL

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2ND Line is the Main Point, I was telling them, how they will know that Speaker has Audio issues like Speaker is making cranky noise.

The display had some issues I don't know may be physically damaged like Some LEDs not glowing in White Color. Motherboard they changed because they thought motherboard is causing issues of all these hardware related changing issues, there Dell Support was awesome like,sir aap sab check karlo kuch change karna ho to batado,warranty ki pahle sab karlo otherwise it will be very costly

Previously,DELL WAS damm good means just call them and they will guide you troubleshooting but nowadays they blame you and yes,for HDD they do BIOS test and there 3 Minutes test can check all hardware faults if its fail then they do it immediately without any hassle

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If someone bought Infinix X1 Slim XL21 laptop. I need a help.

I installed Windows 10 but not getting audio. Please give me Windows 11 drivers. I think driver file name should be:


In the folder


But please confirm it through device manager.

Thank you so much in advance.

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I also want to buy
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