How is a postpaid sim better than prepaid?

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I can't get my head around it. Many people seem to recommend postpaid but all I see are inflated prices & additional GST.

Can someone compare similar packs & tell me how is it better because I couldn't get any when I compared.

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Postpaid plans are always more than prepaid plans. And mostly postpaid is used by companies.

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hmm yes postpaid is waste 99% of times:)

prepaid is good:)

1% of when postpaid is good 

1) is that your are given approximately Rs.3000 of credit kinda for making calls and things so it will look like unlimited and that will come in handy at dire situation of no recharge balance available, but this vanished when all calls are unlimited now (unlimited approx 200mins FUP quota i think)

2) you have less hazzle of bill payment with family plan and things... and autodebit feature with single bill

3) postpaid historically had good service, but these days.. there is no such thing

hmm these are the things i can remember as far as i can for now

Disclaimer: I use both Airtel postpaid and prepaid in 5 sims

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Postpaid is not better in most cases, although data rollover feature is useful as one need not monitor daily data usage

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What is easy way to change postpaid to prepaid?

It's possible I can change my prepaid to postpaid for 1-2 month after that I can switch to prepaid 

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heard a while ago airtel had started capping speed for prepaid users and prioritising postpaid not sure if that policy is still in place or scrapped wink

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Only chu opts for postpaid

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I am on airtel postpaid 199+gst. 10gb data rollover everymonth from past 3.5yrs. Have airtel axis and get 25% cashback.

Also have jio prepaid sim ~1599 336 days with 24gb total data.

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