How is the movie Swatantrya Veer Savarkar?

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If someone has seen it already, Can you pls provide some review about the movie?

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Biopics attracts people interested in history.

You might not get very much reviews of it. 

But actor Randeep is versatile actor, he might had nailed the movie with his talent.

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Today someone purchased a ticket as they were giving (Coupon code: SVSBOGO) two for the price of one.

I loved the experience as the air-conditioning was working properly in the hall and I was tired. Could catch forty winks.

Seems to have been a passionate project for the creators. And so, kinda sad that even after 'buy one get one' marketing, at-least this show was mostly empty.

But can put it down to 'belated' Monday morning blues.
People back to work.

Some of the main characters have got good emotive skills and it shows on-and-off.

Storyline wise: there is less of a script and more of a documentary style presentation (my personal views only).

If someone who does not know who VDS was or the context of the movie, would probably be overwhelmed with all that is relayed about him.

As in, if a foreigner (who is neither pro nor against RSS/VHP/ VDS) is watching it.. then it might seem less like a film with a beginning-story-end and more like a semi-autobiographical docu-drama.

The technical finesse in things like camera angles, shadows/ lighting to bring the rawness of the subject into focus.. have been nicely tackled

and yet the same lighting and framing of the shot and panning of the camera has left one wondering.. as to what happened to them.

For the actor, director.. there is always that much extra pressure to make things work.
So I am going to cut him some slack. He tried, no matter the outcome.

Since this is a polarising subject, there is not much point in playing to the gallery. Irrespective of the reviews, opinions of others.. those who like it .. would not stop liking the movie.
And those who go in with the mindset of not liking the character or the movie.. will NOT change their view over a review or two.

Casting is reasonably good in most parts, however in some places either those actors or the direction was lacking (personal views only).

Maybe if he had taken the load off if him and let someone else direct.. maybe he could have focussed more on getting the product marketed better.

Like I do not recollect or bother to check the collections/ success of Vivek Oberoi's Modi film

but Savarkar movie has far less buzz.

Other things like dialogues or historical details, costumes, set design too are okay-okay.
Nothing bad, but nothing that stands out as much.. except for in couple of scenes.

Maybe if they had not tried to singularly glorify the protagonist WITHOUT ANY rationale critique.. then some of the inaccuracies could have been avoided.
(Certain fiction/make believe and creative liberties have wrongly been presented as 'facts'.)

Overall, it felt like tapering towards the last parts of his life and not enough to hold us on to the character in the years just before independence and his life after 1947 (till his passing in 1966).

It does precious little to properly redeem him, if at all that was intended, in the murder trial of Gandhi.
Being critical of Gandhi, by itself, cannot help the viewer get inside the brain of the protagonist in those years of the Gandhi trial and life after that.
Especially when the actor could do justice by his portrayal of the younger VDS, then at-least I was expecting for the narration to help us (viewers) get into the psyche of the older Savarkar (in his 70s and early 80s).

Yes I was a bit vague. Was unsure what might trigger people into saying 'spoiler alert', hence kept it a bit superficial.
But if I can be pedantic.. then yes.. some if the continuity mistakes in scenes.. did tick me off.
(Nothing blunderous though, as the biggest western productions and tip grossing desi flicks too have them aplenty.)

If anyone wants me to elaborate on specifics.. i could.
(I was kidding about catching a nap in the hall. She would have killed me if i did that. Although I already did warn her that I am accompanying her as a 'favour'. I even suggested that she take someone who is more interested or even donate/sell the spare ticket at the hall itself.)
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