How to Add protonmail as a mailbox in Yahoo Mail


I am trying to add protonmail into the Yahoo mail App.

But when I enter my protonmail email address, it asks me for imaps and smtps and port values for proton mail. How can I get those? If anyone knows the value of these things then kindly share here. I am here attaching screenshot for reference.

Also, kindly confirm if it's even possible to add protonmail into yahoo Mail.


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Proton is a secure email service that doesn't offer IMAP support by default. On desktop, you can use it with an email client other than Proton's native apps, but this requires their Bridge program (available on paid plans) to decrypt the data before it reaches the email client.

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Actually I have guessed it, but wanted to make sure that what I guessed is right or not. 

Thanks for educating me. 

None taken

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Try outlook 

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you are defeating its purpose when you are installing it in yahoo.

also check where it was actually invented.

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