How to apply BOB LTF credit card

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I am self employed with good cibil score. Holding icci credit card with 5lakh limit.

I also hold bob savings account. How to apply ltf bob credit card 

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Just apply on BOB website normally (when there is offer for LTF going on)

LTF offer was going on till 31 March 2024, not sure its extended 

I applied as self employed and now field verification done today so probably will be getting BOB Premier LTF card soon if all gone good:)

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Is itr required?

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Is education fee eligible for reward points for bob eterna

if eligible how much % ?

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How many card BOB allows /person

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Get in touch with BOB CC agents who can be found at the bank branches, They take care of the application and documentation stuff and  hence chances of approval is higher. 

I got my LTF BoB Easy CC through one such agent. 

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