How to claim eazydiner membership with eazydiner induslnd plantinum card

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I got the eazydiner induslnd plantinum card however i did not got any promo code to claim free 3 months eazydiner membership. 

How do i claim the free membership? 

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AFAIK You get the 3 months Eazydiner Membership as mentioned in Welcome KIT  after receiving the EazyDiner Platinum Credit Card  and activate the same , It is automatically processed 

Ensure you have Eazydiner App with the same mobile number installed on your phone. Activation is automatic


You can also ask EazyDiner customer support in case of any issues or offer still not available in app

Fun Fact - You can also do a Renewal of 3 month Prime membership upon spends of INR 30,000 in 90 days

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