How to file complaint against Fantasy Apps like Vijayi Bhawa?

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Hi, I have been facing iasue with withdrawal of my winnings from Vijayi Bhawa Fantasy App since November laat year. Customer care is not responding. I even contacted founders through LinkedIn, they are also not responding. I tried contacting through Facebook, Insta, Telegram and Emails. No response. What options do I have ? Can someone please detail out? Thanks.
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AFAIK He had invested Rs 50000 and now only 32000 Rupees are there in his winnings portfolio (2317 Pending Withdrawal + 29743 in winnings)


It seems that Vijayi Bhawa Customer Care has stopped replying to his Emails. Earlier they said they will resolve it &  then they suspended his account when he said he  will contact the co-founders , which he eventually did but they are also not replying
So everything is at halt 
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Generally I refrain from bolstering such acts as I find it illegal & should not be projected publicly unlike the Gov & so called Celebrities of India who popularize these betting apps


But here's to your aid if anything helps 

Vijayi Bhawa, a Flagship product of Mahaayana Labs Private
I hope you have already gone through their Withdrawal policies & fully abide by the same T&C & believe you have already mailed to them here as mentioned by them "Write to us at [email protected] for any further assistance required for Withdrawals." which didn't work out as well

 You can also email [email protected] as well as [email protected] & see if you get any response 

Here's the address details as mentioned by them 


On public tracker I don't see their balance sheet updated for the fiscal year 2023 yet which is concern for the app members towards this company that was incorporated on 2021

Following the legalities & going through Regulation of Online Fantasy sports platform  Final suggestion is to Issue legal notice through advocate, then complaint to Consumer court 


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Thanks a lot. I will try these steps also.

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Such deplorable moderation on this forum, that for over 50 hours, comments with such language are still here.
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