How to file Income Tax return from outside India

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Is there a way to file Income Tax Return from outside India?
I have been trying to access Income Tax Portal. The website doesn’t load even with a VPN.

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try cleartax or tell somone to file from here

no need to open incometax website when u use cleartax

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I wanted to file on my own.
So that means I cannot access it from outside? Why would government put such a restriction? 
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Most websites doesn't work outside India

Like Adanione


Haryana Roadway Bus Portal

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try if you are able to reach the below Contact Us details 

Help Desk Contact Detailse-filing and Centralized Processing Center

e-Filing of Income Tax Return or Forms and other value added services & Intimation, Rectification, Refund and other Income Tax Processing Related Queries.

08:00 AM - 20:00 PM (Monday to Friday)


1800 103 0025


1800 419 0025





Web Manager
e-Filing Unit, Centralized Processing Centre, Income Tax Department, Bengaluru 560500.
Queries related to Email id
Tax Audit report (Form 3CA-3CD, 3CB-3CD) [email protected]
Income Tax return (For ITR 1 to ITR 7) [email protected]
e-Pay Tax service [email protected]
Any other issue [email protected]
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Remote desktop a friend's or family's pc here in India

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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I'm in Vietnam and it works just fine. No VPN.

Pro Mobile Guru Pro Mobile Guru
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Doesn't work in Germany for some reason

Cool Cool
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U can setup local VPN with a device in India 

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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I have a vague idea of what you are suggesting. In this case, The device in India will serve as a host right? Can you detail the process or share a link that's appropriate?

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throw money at life's problem and be cool

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