how to find my email id linked with amazon account ??

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account is logged in but when clicking login info, its asking for otp and i dont have access to that mobile number anymore ☹️
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  • That is why I never created any multiple ID or farzi account on ANY site.
[aak🤧choo! I am allergic to lying.]
  • If you are logged in, into the account then can you not chat with an associate and ask them this query?
If chatting option does not work out, then you might have to connect via voice call.
  • But even for voice call, the callback needs to be created from within the account.
Otherwise even to authenticate the account, the associate would require you to give them both; the e-mail address on account and the RMN.
Unfortunately for Indian site customers, they now hire work from home, temporary (3 month, 6 month) contract staff or let vendor BPO hire even teenagers for this position too.
  • Thus keep trying till you get a reasonable person who patiently helps you or is ready to ignore minor deviations during authentication.
(The direct ADCPL employees working from HYD13, HYD20 sites in Hyderabad offices can be arrogant, high-handed or plain stupid coupled with 'proud'. Because in 4-5 years of being useless L2, they got reassigned as L3 or as fake promoted D.A.R.T. specialist or trainers to the vendor BPO sites).

The associate from account security skill would be able to directly enter the account and see your credentials too.

  • But since they usually wouldn't simple tell the customer this detail, you might tell them instead that you have lost access to the phone or the number. And your e-mail got hacked. So need to change both.
  • They (the team which one connects via the passwordreset link) usually ask three verification questions and then can replace the e-mail address.
They can also remove the ☎️RMN📞 too. But while ☎️RMN📞 can be removed, Registered e-mail address can only be replaced (and not removed entirely).
This is because, since 1996/start of Amazon Inc., they kept the e-mail address as the unique identifier.
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If you don't have way too many email ids, then a simple "Amazon" keyword search in your inboxes will reveal which email id is linked to your amazon account!

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@karan.chawla001 @dip08 Iss page se, koi random order number le kar.

Uss account ko 'bypass' (instead of verify, fail) kar ke.. isko iski e-mail address bata dou.. if you feel okay.


Or if (as in case of Deepansh) your contract is already over, then may be, with the help of some friends or ex-colleagues.

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