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How to get Axis Ace, Flipkart Axis credit card as LTF?

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How to get Axis Ace & Flipkart Axis credit card as LTF?

Currently hold 5 other CC & a reasonably healthy limit. No defaults anything.

Currently not holding any Axis CC or any relationship with them. 

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Axis ACE you will not get as LTF....many people have been told you wont get axis ace at all...try your lucky.

Flipkart Card you can get as LTF when the offer is running....

The Card was LTF from December last year to march this year.

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online and offline both mediums?

for 4 months?

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joy joy First try your luck to get the ACE card, that's the end of your luck. You won't get ACE for LTF!!
Benevolent Benevolent
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even if they keep 1K annual there will be big Q😄
LTF - almost impossible
my friend got in Jan'22 - manual application, Axis a/c holder but no idea how it came LTF
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Blaze Blaze
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You'll never get LTF Ace Card.

First try to get any other card from Axis, then apply for Ace Card in Offline. 

In February 2022, i got LTF FK Axis Card with 15K limit😖

One month before i have applied for Ace card through Bank, it was approved 😅

But the sad part is the limit, they assigned combined limit. i.e 15k for both the cards😓😓😓

Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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@AnJo keep using it and pay in time, you’d get credit limit upgrade soon…

Generous Generous
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Axis Ace LTF is very much possible. But you need to have Burgundy relationship for minimum 6 months with Axis. Same goes for FK card as well.
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Very much possible. But brother, doesn't it makes more sense to get the paid ACE card and use it for 2lakhs to waive off the charges for next year rather than trying to maintain the burgundy relationship for 6 months? Infact, even if we couldn't reach the spend of 2 Lakhs, annual fees of 590 is easily recoverable using it's rewards itself. 
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are they giving ace card now ?? 

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SO eventually, it's better to apply axis ace directly and that too paid and thats it...skip Flipkart axis and stuff

will it get approved as I don't have any prior relationship with axis...?

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Axis ACE not showing anywhere.. Even CC is saying "Axis discontinued the ACE card and you won't get it"
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Axis ACE is BAAAP of all cards

Super benefits  never and ever 

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