How to improve credit score

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1.You should use 30% of your credit card limit. Then you will increase a credit score lot.

2.Do not check your credit score repeatedly.

3.Do not apply for credit cards at different places.

4.If you don't need a loan then don't apply for a loan from different places.

5.Don't take too much time to pay the EMI when buying something, pay it within three to four months.

6.Pay your credit card bill on time.

7.Don't open Paylater apps wherever you are.

8.If you follow these seven points, you can expect your credit score to be in a very good place within three to four months.

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2nd is Incorrect.

No Effect in score even if u check daily 

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See if you check repeatedly, credit card members send you a report. Dada It may take forever to figure out why you're checking back and forth, so maybe it's because you're slowing down that it's better not to check back.
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should i close my slice credit card, as I already have icici platinum credit card?

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