How to increase hdfc credit card limit.

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I am using hdfc credit card since 2017. Currently I have regalia first. My cibil is also good. My limit was reduced by hdfc from 1.5 lacs to 48k by hdfc during covid period. Its still the same. On my other cards I have decent limit for ex in citi I have 6.5 lac limit on icici 5 lac etc. I don't have hdfc savings account is this the reason for bad limit? Any suggestions how to increase limit?
I have yearly income of 10LPA+
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try mailing grieviance team

or u should close the card . 

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Typo it's 48k grinning

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Try the Chennai office method
It'll work for you.

Either send them ITR or use Citi card for C2C limit increase.
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My study about HDFC:
They love you when you shop online: eg. Flipkart/Amazon etc...
They love you when you take insta loan/jumbo loan.

If you've tried all ways but didn't get success and willing to spend some amount to get your limit increased, may follow:
1. shift all your online shopping to HDFC, ignore the rewards
2. get some loan when you see pre-approved insta loan offer and pay on time. Post closing the loan, 99% chances of limit enhancement and upgrade.

Good luck. 

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So you are advising to take loan just for increasing cc limit ?
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