how to move backup to new phone

Have whatsapp installed in phone at home.lost password of gmail, it is logged in. It asks to enter the old password if we want to add new number or change password. Is there a way to take whatsapp backup manually and restore it in new phone?
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WhatsApp app now has option to migrate from old phone to new phone. Look it up.

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  1. Open your old phone's file manager.
  2. Go to the WhatsApp folder.
    1. It may be saved to a path like Internal storage > Android > media > com.whatsapp.
  3. Open the Databases subfolder.
  4. Select the latest file - usually named "msgstore.db.crypt[number]".
  5. Use the Share function on the device to copy the file to a cloud storage service or email.
  6. On the new phone, create a WhatsApp > Databases folder on the device's internal storage.
  7. Copy the file to the new folder.

If you prefer using a PC to copy the backup files and transfer them to the new phone, you can do it, and these same steps also help you save a backup to the computer.

  1. Connect your smartphone to the PC using a USB cable.
  2. Open the PC file manager and open the folder WhatsApp > Databases on the phone's internal memory.
  3. Copy the file with the latest creation date to your PC.
  4. Install WhatsApp on the new phone - but do not start the app yet!
  5. Connect the new phone to the PC using USB.
  6. Create a folder WhatsApp > Databases in the new phone's internal storage.
  7. Copy the file to the new folder.

When you first open WhatsApp on the new phone, remember to register the app with the same phone number used on the old device. After verifying the number, WhatsApp will search for the local backup, and when prompted to restore your chats tap RESTORE

PS: Start this procedure after manually hitting the Chat Backup option to get the full backup.

You can also move WhatsApp media in same manner, i.e. Images, Videos, etc.

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Open Whatsapp > Top right three dots > Settings > Chats > Transfer Chats 

From here go with the prompts.

You can also use above method mentioned by @Rajkotian , but please note that, in recent Android versions, Folder is moved from 'Internal Storage > Whatsapp' to 'Internal Storage > Android > Media > com.whatsapp > Whatsapp

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Samsung smart switch mobile app is the solution suggestible for you

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Try to create back-up codes and then do Google login via them on the new phone.

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@kukdookoo I think @Rajkotian and @wackophant has answered your question. You should also find out how to reset password for Gmail accounts you are logged in. Any suggestions dimers?
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