How to stop Truecaller to show verified business SMS on its app.

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I have not given SMS permission to Truecaller app. (using premium)

Still, some SMS messages come there instead of the mobile's default SMS app.

Truecaller detects SMS from a verified business like banks and shows those SMS in its app.

All other SMS comes on the mobile's default SMS app.

How to stop that and receive all SMS on the mobile's default SMS app and not any single on Truecaller app?

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uninstall truecaller and reinstall without permission access

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Those are directly sent via TrueCaller messaging service rather than normal text messages. Hence, you see just in TrueCaller and not in default sms app

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But, how to get back on SMS ?

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Here are the steps:

1. Uninstall that Spyware app.

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Already there is no app installed like this.
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