How to upgrade from ICICI Coral LTF to Sapphiro LTF

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Can anyone please help me with getting Sapphiro LTF? Is it even possible to get it LTF?

Following are my details:

  • Have a Salary account with ICICI for the past 3-4 years.
  • Don't have a RM for the ICICI Account.
  • Have APay CC with 7.5L limit. only use it for amazon purchases, approx 6 lakh in the last 3 years
  • Have Coral Rupay LTF with 10L+ limit. spend avg 4-8K per month.
  • I used to keep money in my ICICI account, but don't keep more than 10K anymore in it, since i get better interest rate in IDFC SB account.

Why I am looking for Sapphiro?

    I recently got the hdfc tata neu for my upi txns because coral rewards are worthless and there is almost no benefits on coral CC. so looking to get the movie benefit given by Sapphiro.

    Note: I do not fulfil the alumni criteria for Sapphiro.

    Any advice would be helpful.

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    Its very very rare that u will get any LTF upgrade. Even I have ltf coral cc for so many years. but icici only gives paid upgrade.

    even reward rate for saphario cc is worst.
    on the other handand there are so many cc/dc which gives bogo offer, try to get Idfc select/wealth cc.
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    yep, I am trying for idfc wealth as well. have emailed my RM. let's see if I get it. 

    2 questions

    1. can i hold both Select & Wealth ( since I already have Select CC)

    2. what other CCs give BOGO movie offer with good max ticket amount (₹400+)

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    You can check BookMyShow to find out which cards can give you Bogo offers and other discounts. 
    Then you can start your journey to get those cards. 

    For eg: IndusInd Visa Signature Exclusive debit card gives Bogo upto 500. And you can open this saving account with 0 average balance requirement if you have IndusInd Pinnacle Credit Card. 

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    I got pre approved ltf ovrr phone call .i had coral rupay. But no use.. of sapphiro

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    Similar way, I got Rubyx combo.
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    If you check through their application portal, sometimes on the basis of salary, company and college they do offer it ltf. Give it a shot. 

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    ICICI provide sapphiro LTF based on  internal set criteria of inhand salary of more than Rs 2 lacs per month.

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    I qualify for this. how do i proceed to get it?

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    I'm getting 2 Pre approved offers from icici

    1. MMT

    2. RUBYX

    Thoughts on this.....?

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    I hold apay icici and after a month, inquired about what offers I have and most astonishingly, all were LTF on the web page, didn't apply (maybe a technical error) so backed off myself, I should have gone through I guess...

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